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Tip Trucks & Dump Trucks For Hire

General Description:

Tip Trucks and Dump Trucks form a major component in the earthmoving and excavation industry for the transport and disposal of materials.

Dump trucks are primarily an off road vehicle. We have a number of Articulated Dump Trucks also available. Articulated dump trucks are large, heavy-duty dump trucks that are used to transport loads of rough terrain. These vehicles usually have all wheel drive, with all the wheels of the vehicle follow the same path, making articulated dump trucks a perfect off-road vehicle. Articulated Dump trucks can handle great inclines and slippery conditions, are best used in rogued terrain and at rugged and cramped sites.

Size and Types Available:

We offer a number of over 50 different, well-maintained, Tip Trucks and Dump Trucks including articulated and rigid versions for hire.

All Tip Trucks and Dump Trucks are for ‘wet hire’, and are supplied with an experienced operator.

Our Tip and Dump Truck options include:

  • Tip and Dump trucks of all sizes
  • Trailers
  • Single Drive 3 Tonne to 40 Tonne

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